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Argentina, Iguazu Falls, Brazil with Lensois Marañenses - passion, natural phenomena, hot rhythms
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Iguazu Falls, Brazil with Lensois Marañenses - passion, natural phenomena, hot rhythms
Sofia - Frankfurt - Buenos Aires - *tango show - *Tigre and the Paraná River Delta - *gaucho fiesta - Iguazu Falls with bird park - *"Makuco" safari - *helicopter flight over Iguazu Falls - Rio de Janeiro - samba show - Lensois Maranienses National Park - Rio de Janeiro - *Buzios - Rio de Janeiro - Frankfurt - Sofia

14 days
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4 days / 11 nights / 11 breakfasts / 2 lunches / 2 dinners / *2 evenings with tango and samba show

There are journeys that one dreams of and that one should not postpone. Here are some great reasons why Argentina and Brazil should be your next trip. Argentina is a country where you can see and experience almost anything, from passionate tango on the streets of Buenos Aires, through the skills of gaucho cowboys across the green, flat pastures of the endless pampas, to the pleasure of tasting Argentina's iconic divine steaks, the most delicious , you have ever eaten in your life, served with aromatic wines with flavors of blackberries, cherries, spicy spices that will captivate your senses. Continuing on, we set ourselves up for an encounter with some of the largest waterfalls in the world. "Poor Niagara" - these were the words of the American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt when she saw the impressive Iguazu Falls for the first time. Even if you know exactly how many tons of water pour over the edge of the Paraná Plateau every minute, nothing compares to the feeling of standing at the foot of the deafeningly roaring water and unable to utter a word due to the mixture of admiration and quiet terror. To make the experience as rich as possible, you will witness impressive views of Iguazu Falls from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides. And from here, Brazil is at your fingertips. The colorful, glamorous party capital of Latin America is one of the liveliest places in the world Rio de Janeiro's allure can leave you feeling wildly longing for it when you leave. These historic cities, the amazing landscapes, the dancing, the fine food or the thrill of the water rides, will not disappoint you. We believe that this journey will captivate you and remain in your memories for a long time. We are expecting you...

Day 1 (05.09.2023) – Sofia / Frankfurt / Buenos Aires Departure at 14:05 from Sofia airport with a scheduled Lufthansa flight. Landing in Frankfurt at 15:30. Continue with a Lufthansa flight at 21.40. h. to Buenos Aires.

Day 2 (09/06/2023) - Buenos Aires (Panoramic and Walking City Tour - Part 1) Landing in Buenos Aires at 06:25 am Meet by a representative of the local company. Transfer to the hotel for a short stay to refresh. Our journey begins with the most European city in South America - Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city of Argentina, as well as the second largest city in South America after Sao Paulo. Buenos Aires is located on the right bank of the La Plata River (Spanish: Rio de la Plata, "Silver River") at its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in 1536 by the Spanish explorer Pedro de Mendoza and named after Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Aire (Holy Virgin Mary of the Wind). Our tour will begin by passing along the colossally wide boulevard "Ninth of July", on which is located the "Theater Colon", one of the largest operas in the world, the obelisk of freedom (97 m high) and will lead us through the most interesting sights of the capital - Congress Square, Plaza de Mayo, where the Presidential Palace known as Casa Rosada (Pink House) is located, the oldest church in the city, San Ignacio, San Martín Square. We will not miss the colorful Italian suburb "La Boca" with the stadium of the club team Boca Juniors, where we will take a short photo break. It is believed that tango and the genius Maradona were born here. And our last stop of the tour will be among the colored houses along the famous Caminito street. We continue to the old docks and warehouses of Puerto Madero, renovated to create an attractive waterfront of shops, restaurants, bars, an area known as the largest and most diverse gastronomic area in the city. Established in 1905 and occupying a converted warehouse in the docks, the wood-panelled Las Lilas is the king of the capital's parilladas (barbecues) and the preferred venue for distinguished state guests invited here to find out what the quintessential national specialty is. . After the tour, we recommend you try the famous steak, as well as order one of the superb red Malbec wines from Mendoza. The stack has no equal in the Western Hemisphere, or perhaps in the entire world, a fact of which the Argentinians are justly proud. Overnight stay.

Day 3 (09/07/2023) - Buenos Aires (city tour - 2nd part) - *cruise on the Paraná River Delta - *tango show with dinner Breakfast. This day we will head to the north of the city, passing through the districts of Retiro, Palermo and Recoleta (a tourist attraction is the majestic cemetery, Sementerio de la Recoleta, where the regal mausoleums of the rich and famous line the tree-shaded avenues of this walled necropolis, final resting place of many of Argentina's famous names, including Evita Peron). These areas are associated with the culture of the earliest settlers, who were driven out by the local Kerand Indians in 1541, but returned again in 1580 to stay forever. The fate of 

and Argentina is full of ebb and flow. The promise of the silver mines, also reflected in the name, turns out to be illusory; the real wealth lay in cattle raising, which became an international industry with the advent of reefer ships in the 1870s. Buenos Aires suddenly flourished, attracting immigrants not only from Spain, but also from Germany, Great Britain, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and especially Italy. The city is on the way to quickly become the "Paris of South America", adopting the light and elegant neoclassical style in its architecture. At the beginning of the 20th century, Art Nouveau and Art Deco style buildings were increasingly being built. Later, the architects of Buenos Aires turned their attention to the construction of tall buildings, to skyscrapers, and today their number in the city is one of the highest in the world, especially in the central business district. But the most vivid symbol of Argentina and its capital remains the tango - a dance deeply rooted in the country's culture. You can dance or watch it in almost any night club in the city, visit an evening show filled with emotions from the passionate movements of the best tango dancers, singers and musicians in the country. *Sementerio de la Recoleta cemetery is not scheduled to be visited during the tour. *Possibility for an excursion to Tigre and the Parana River Delta. We offer you a cruise not far from Buenos Aires in a suburban environment that can only be explored by water! A mahogany boat cruise will take us through the Paraná River Delta and cheer us up with a pleasant stroll along the canals, passing pleasant suburbs, residences, including the President's, surrounded by lush greenery and lush vegetation. Our first stop will be in the city of Tigre, located 30 km from Buenos Aires, where we will get to know the unusual and pleasant way of life of the local residents. It is named so because jaguars once lived here, and today it is the "villa zone" of Buenos Aires with villas of various types and sizes - from modest cottages, some leaning, to luxurious mansions. They all have their own docks that are multi-functional. In addition to getting on and off the vehicle, they are used to place the trash that is collected by a floating garbage collection service, or to place the purchases left by the floating shops and in the meantime are used for beach and fishing. Numerous mahogany boats and motorboats ply along the canals, acting as public transport and water taxis. Barges of various calibers are first returned in mobile grocers. All public services are navigable, including the fire department. No bridges! The majority of residents use their cottages only in the summer, but there are also those who live there year-round. *We offer you a dinner with a tango show - an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional cuisine and music of the gauchos (Argentine cowboys), to take part in an entertainment show filled with a feeling of passionate tango. Tango is the Argentinian celebration of machismo, dominance and torturous love, it is the air that the portenos (residents of Buenos Aires) breathe. This tortured complaint, transformed into a complex and sophisticated dance, is the most authentic of Argentine creations. "Port people" are famous for their meticulous attention to appearance and clothing. They are proud of their dance, which originated in port brothels, fusing the rhythms and melodies of Spanish, African and gaucho music. It became an international hit alongside Carlos Gardel's performances in the 1920s and has been an integral part of the Buenos Aires landscape ever since. Tango is everywhere. To feel the tango in the classic small, smoky, dimly lit tango bar where things don't start happening until midnight, to witness impromptu performances in the streets and squares, where quite a few amateur dancers put on spontaneous performances on street corners, unglamorous, - a little polished, but from the soul, causes an explosion of feelings, euphoria of emotions. Overnight stay.

Day 4 (09/08/2023) – Buenos Aires / *possibility of full-day excursion Gaucho Fiesta with lunch included Breakfast. Our day today is dedicated to an experience worth participating in - *Gaucho Fiesta. A hundred kilometers from Buenos Aires there is a ranch called Santa Susana, located in the grassy, picturesque pampas of Los Cardeles. Here "cowboys" in the South American version, will welcome you with wonderful wine and show you a nice museum of the old way of life. There are also large stables, a stage for soulful tango and music, a wonderful restaurant where you will overeat with divine beef and pastelito (the sweet version of the empanada – fried or baked dough with a filling of meat, cheese, vegetables, but with a fruit filling , as it is prepared in Argentina, the empanada is called pastel or pastelito and is offered as a dessert) and you will be refreshed for a long time with Yerba Mate (national drink of most South American countries, prepared from dried herbs, contains caffeine and other stimulants and

has a strong tonic effect that lasts longer than that of coffee). It is traditionally prepared in a calabash (gourd) and drunk with a bombilla (a special straw). Anyone who wants can buy many quality goods made of natural leather. Several horsemen perform folklore games related to the life of the gauchos - attractive horsemanship, throwing weapons, catching cattle, interesting games. One of them - the game with the rings, requires great skill and concentration when riding. If you wish, you can also ride in the pampas. Return to the hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 5 (09.09.2023) – Buenos Aires / Iguazu Falls from the Argentine side with included lunch and panoramic train Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for the flight to the city of Puerto Iguazú, located 25 km from the Iguazú National Park. Arrival at the airport. Our adventure begins - a "water extravaganza" in the midst of wonderful exotic beauty. For two days we will be among the largest subtropical reserve in the world, among some of the most fantastic natural wonders in South America, such as the Iguazu Falls. Located on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones, they are actually an endless series of smaller cataracts and cascades. When you first glimpse them, you have the feeling that your gaze cannot cover all the waterfalls at once - their total number is 275, and their length is 2700 meters. Most of the waterfalls of Iguazu are sixty meters high, but the most impressive among them is the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat), which also marks the border between the two countries. Its shape resembles a horseshoe with a length of 700, a width of 150 and a height of 82 meters, and hundreds of thousands of liters of water fall from it with a roar every second. Two-thirds of it falls on Argentine territory, one-third on Brazilian territory. We will reach the foot of the Devil's Throat from the Argentinian side with a panoramic eco train that leads to several platforms, one of which is located above the waterfall itself. The hosts have taken care to bring us as close as possible to this amazing view, and if you can withstand the water mist that will envelop you, you will experience one of the most humbling sensations that nature with its power can give you. The hum of voices in a variety of languages mingles with the song of nature, and being alone in front of any of the Iguazu Falls is almost impossible. Iguazu is formed by the waters of a Brazilian river of the same name about thirty km before its confluence with the full-flowing Parana River. Iguazu is an Indian name and means "big water". Due to its great distance from the sea coast, the Spanish conquerors reached it only in the middle of the 16th century. The spectacular picture awakened religious feelings in them and they called it Salto de Santa Maria - the waterfall of Santa Maria. Both names have survived to this day, but Iguazu is more popular. The big water amazes with its grandeur and power, the picture is majestic. You will hear the sound of falling water and it will seem to you that the water masses are suspended in the air, the water drops will sparkle like pearls and swirl high in the air like a fabulous veil of water dust, in which the sun's rays weave a wonderful multi-colored rainbow, a brilliant magic of the waters. Iguazu can offer you an unforgettable picture even during moonlit nights. Be a part of witnessing these fabulous daytime and nighttime multi-colored and emotional paintings. Lunch at El Fortin restaurant (buffet), located in the national park. After the tour, we head to the Brazilian part of the park - Foz do Isuasu, where we will spend our first night in the wild beauty of the park. Overnight stay.

Day 6 (10.09.2023) – Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side with the bird park and lunch included / *possibility of jungle adventure / *possibility of helicopter flight over the falls Breakfast. This day is dedicated to the Brazilian part of Iguazu Falls. We will visit this part on wooden bridges built over the river. During the walking part, we will have the opportunity to capture wonderful panoramic views from the observation platforms built for this purpose. Near the waterfalls is the Bird Park. It looks like a mini zoo. The main attraction in it are the toucans, which are extremely friendly and somewhat humbly bear their fate for every tourist to take pictures next to them. The pavilion, filled with fluttering hummingbirds and butterflies, also offers a curious experience. During the tour in the bird park, which is located on 4 hectares of subtropical forest, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the different types of birds, which are more than 500 varieties, both local and from other continents, to photograph them in their natural habitat an environment without barriers of nets and cells. They will tell you about an exciting program to protect some of the most endangered species. Lunch at the Porto Canoa restaurant, which is located inside the park. The park has a completely renewed infrastructure, which includes numerous souvenir shops and restaurants. We recommend you to try a sweet temptation - the roasted pineapple with cinnamon! *which action that lasts longer than that of coffee). It is traditionally prepared in a calabash (gourd) and drunk with a bombilla (a special straw). Anyone who wants can buy many quality goods made of natural leather. Several horsemen perform folklore games related to the life of the gauchos - attractive horsemanship, throwing weapons, catching cattle, interesting games. One of them - the game with the rings, requires great skill and concentration when riding. If you wish, you can also ride in the pampas. Return to the hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 7 (11.09.2023) – Iguazu Falls / Rio de Janeiro Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Rio de Janeiro - the colorful charming party capital of Latin America is one of the liveliest places in the world. This historic city, whose name means January River, is known for Copacabana Beach, hot rhythms and incredible scenery. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Brazil and is the second largest city in the country, after Sao Paulo. It was the capital for over two centuries, and today it is an exciting metropolis that has become a legend. People dance here not only during the magnificent carnival. The city dances with guests from all over the world at every opportunity. If you love dancing and shopping Rio will not disappoint you. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Euphoria of colors, warmth and happy people, desire for fiesta and entertainment. Yes, Rio offers it all, from spontaneous street parties to hot nights in the solitude of long beaches. Rio de Janeiro is a feast for the senses. Delicious local food, an endless rainbow of colorful buildings, and the simple sense of happiness that the city's residents bring. Ah, what is the most impressive thing in the whole city? To judge tomorrow... Free time. Overnight stay.

Day 8 (12/09/2023) – Rio de Janeiro (panoramic city tour with visit to Corcovado) Breakfast. Our day will be dedicated to the landscapes that are revealed from the top of the Corcovado mountain. A visit to the famous giant statue of Christ the Redeemer - the symbol of the city will reward us with a fascinating view of the city, the bay and the surrounding mountains. It is the most famous landmark of Rio, located in the largest urban park in the world - Tijuca, called by the locals "the lung of the city". The panoramic tour of the city includes the coastal boulevard along the Copacabana beach, and after passing through the tunnel that crosses the surrounding mountains, we reach the foot of the Corcovado mountain. From here, a cog will take us to the top of the mountain, from where the most remarkable panoramic view of the city is revealed. The top of Corcovado is crowned by the 36-meter statue of Christ the Redeemer, which we reach by escalator. The span of its outstretched arms is 23 m. It was built in honor of celebrating a century of Brazilian independence (it was built in the period 1922 - 1931). The most fabulous view of the city is revealed here. Afternoon free time. In addition to the statue of Christ, the mountain and the unforgettable view of the sky above Rio, the city has many museums, and sports lovers will be captivated by the Maracana stadium, one of the largest in the world. It can definitely be concluded that Rio can offer attractions for every taste. Overnight stay.

Day 9 (13/09/2023) – Rio de Janeiro / Lensois Maranienses National Park Breakfast. Lensois Maranienses National Park For the truly adventurous, we've included an exciting visit to the north of Brazil. They call this amazing place the Quicksands or the Flooded Desert. True, there are no real deserts in Brazil, but still... These amazing sand dunes are located not far from the Amazon River basin, about fifty kilometers inland from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. According to scientists, the sand dunes with an area of more than 100 square km were formed over thousands of years, during which the winds carried here sand grains accumulated in the mouths of nearby rivers. During the dry season it is a typical desert. During the wet season, however, things change and the rains that fill the slopes between the sand dunes form countless fabulously beautiful ponds and lagoons. In them fish, turtles, crabs and shells appear in an amazing way, here and there you can see palm trees and mangroves. Where do the fish come from after the lakes dry up? Birds are most likely to carry caviar, scientists suggest. The lagoons are at their fullest in the period July-September and these are the months in which the largest number of people visit the Lensois Maranienses National Park. The status of a national park protects the unique nature of this place, as it prohibits a lot of things - from the entry of amtmobiles to drilling (although there is supposed to be oil in the ground). And finally, two words about the strange name of this place. Lensois Maranienses means "the underwear of Maranyao". Maranhão is the Brazilian state where the dunes are located, and as for the "underwear," the locals decided that, viewed from above, the sparkling white sand dunes and the thin strips of water between them looked like underwear spread out in the sun. Transfer from hotel to Rio airport for flight to Sao Luis - the capital city of the state of Maranhão, located on an island in the northeast of Brazil. The first Europeans to come here were the French. They tried to establish a colony in 1612 but failed and three years later the city was captured by the Portuguese. The colonization of the city was a clash between French, Dutch and Portuguese invaders, leaving a rich history and great cultural heritage. The historic center of the city is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Sao Luis is the gateway to 

Lensois Maranienses National Park. But the city itself also has a lot to show its guests. Here there are wonderful cultural monuments from the time of the colonial era. In addition to the wealth of historical, natural and cultural attractions, Sao Luis offers its guests attractive walks and entertainment. One of the biggest landmarks of the city with historical value is a large architectural ensemble of mansions in the central part of the city (UNESCO). Transfer from Sao Luis to Bareirinhas (Lensois Maranienses National Park Portal) and hotel accommodation. The route is about 260 km with a duration of about 3.5 hours. Short rest in the town of Moros. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Day 10 (14/09/2023) – Lensois Maranienses National Park Breakfast. Departure from the hotel, in 4x4 jeeps, crossing the Preguiças river by ferry (~10 minutes). Continue on a path (~17 km) with lush vegetation to the beginning of the Lensois Maranienses dunes. Next is a 70-meter dune climb for one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the park's dunes and lagoons, including Laguna Bonita. At the end of the trek, we wait for the moment for the best photo of the beautiful sunset. And while you're there, it's hard to believe you're still on Earth. Slipping through the sand, you will feel like the discoverers of a surreal new world. Before you are spread only the white pristine sheets untrodden by human footsteps, from which the blue eyes of the oases look. The outlines of the wind-sculpted dunes, along with the sky-colored lagoons, create a landscape that is unnatural. The experience and the pictures that the wind paints are so ingenious that you just want to sit back and watch what new masterpiece will emerge from its airbrush. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Day 11 (15/09/2023) – Lensois Maranienses National Park / Rio de Janeiro Breakfast. Transfer to Sao Luis Airport. Landing at the airport in Rio de Janeiro and transfer to the hotel for accommodation. Overnight stay

Day 12 (16.09.2023) – Rio de Janeiro / *Full day excursion to Buzios with lunch / * dinner with samba show at Rio Scenarium Breakfast. For beach lovers, Brazil has a lot to offer. Rio's coastline is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Rio's beaches are some of the best in the world, and the water adventures they offer visitors can also reveal the rich underwater life of the Atlantic Ocean. No one should leave without visiting at least one of the magnificent beaches, and besides Copacabana they are Ipanema, Leblon, Praina, Barra di Tijuca, Botafogo and others. *If you want to add a touch of chic and see the place that the cariocas of Rio use as a weekend retreat, we offer you *a full day trip to Buzios - Brazil's Saint Tropez. Located just two hours away from Rio de Janeiro, in the northeastern tip of the state of the same name, on a peninsula between the Atlantic and coastal sea currents, the resort of Buzios enjoys a good year-round climate. Famous for being frequented by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s when it was little more than a picturesque colonial fishing village, Búzios has since become a chic place with the sophisticated air of a French Riviera resort like St. Trope. Its real charm lies in the colonial houses, the many beautiful beaches and coves dotted around the peninsula, the cobbled streets like Rua das Pedras, which are lined with boutiques and restaurants, and the old fishing boats anchored in the waters off the main avenue. In this excursion, we also include a boat trip as well as lunch. *We offer you an unforgettable dinner filled with music and hot dances to the rhythm of samba - samba show Rio Scenarium. Dinner is in one of the best Brazilian club restaurants. The artists present all the rhythms and characteristic melodies in remarkable choreographies, and all this amid the splendor of beautifully designed sets and impressive samba costumes. Overnight stay.

Day 13 (17/09/2023) – Rio de Janeiro (panoramic city tour with a visit to the Sugar Loaf) Breakfast. And what better end to an excursion than something "sweet" and beautiful like the Pau de Asucar or Sugar Loaf, one of Rio's most popular tourist attractions. The history of the mountain dates back 600 million years. High temperatures and pressure are the reason for its majestic shape. The mountain was surrounded by dense tropical vegetation, which has now declined and is part of the little remaining rainforest in Rio de Janeiro. At its peak, there are still rare species that are not found anywhere else on the Brazilian coast. The mountain is one of Rio's biggest attractions. It is a natural landmark for navigators by sea or air, because its top seems to be at the entrance to Guanabara Bay. Sugar Loaf is also a historical landmark. The prominent general Estacio de Sa founded the city of São Sebastião on March 1, 1565, using the mountain for cover and protection. Besides being ideal for monitoring any boat movement, it also provided a view of the city against invaders. As a major tourist attraction, it is called "the tourist treasure of a unique city - Rio de Janeiro". As an ancient monument, Pau de Asucar (Sugar Loaf) has its historical legends. Looking up into the mountain, the Brazilians claim, one can see the figure of a two-hundred-meter old man, guardian of the city. A second version of the story claims that this figure is Sao Pedro embracing the mountain that represents the church. Around noon, thanks to the effect of the sun's rays, the figure of a bird about 120 m high, called by the Brazilians the ibis of Pau de Asucar, can be seen. And after stories and legends, with many impressions of beautiful and interesting places, we head for a transfer to the airport. Flight to Frankfurt at 20.50.

Day 14 (18.09.2023) – Frankfurt / Sofia Landing in Frankfurt at 13:15. Departure from Frankfurt at 15:50. Landing in Sofia at 18:40.


Price for Argentina, Iguazu Falls, Brazil with Lensois Marañenses - passion, natural phenomena, hot rhythms

Price per person in a double or triple room - €4,995 (€4,895) / BGN 9,770 (BGN 9,575)
Supplement for a single room - 700 € / 1370 BGN.

Air ticket Sofia – Frankfurt – Buenos Aires – Rio de Janeiro – Frankfurt – Sofia with incl. registrar luggage 23 kg and hand luggage 8 kg;
Airport taxes (€506 as of 27.01., subject to confirmation);
Flight ticket Buenos Aires - Puerto Iguazú incl. checked baggage 15 kg and hand luggage 8 kg;
Flight ticket Foz do Iguaçu - Rio de Janeiro incl. checked baggage 23 kg and hand baggage 8 kg.;
Flight ticket Rio de Janeiro - Sao Luis - Rio de Janeiro incl. checked baggage 23 kg and hand baggage 8 kg;
Transfers airport - hotel - airport;
Transport by air-conditioned bus / van;
11 nights with breakfast in 4**** hotels as follows:
3 nights with breakfast in Buenos Aires at Hotel Pulitzer 4**** (or similar)
2 nights with breakfast in Foz do Iguaçu at Hotel Viale Cataratas 4**** (or similar)
2 nights with breakfasts and dinners in Bareirinhas (NP Lençois Maranienses) at Hotel Encantes do Nordeste 4****
4 nights with breakfast in Rio de Janeiro at Hotel Arena Copacabana 4**** (or similar)
2 lunches as follows:
1 lunch at the Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side;
1 lunch at the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side
Panoramic and walking tour of Buenos Aires in two parts on consecutive days;
Visit to Iguazu National Park with the waterfalls on the Argentine side;
Panoramic eco train ride in Iguazu National Park;
Visit to the sites near the Devil's Throat waterfall;
Visit to Iguazu National Park with the waterfalls on the Brazilian side;
Visit to the Bird Park in Iguazu National Park;
Panoramic tour of Rio de Janeiro including a visit to the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado;
Included is a ticket for the Corcovado mountain cog and an elevator to the top of the statue;
Visit to Lensois Maranienses National Park with 4x4 jeeps;
Panoramic tour of Rio de Janeiro including a visit to the Sugarloaf Hill;
Local tour guides in English (Spanish) language throughout the trip;
Guide – translator from Bulgaria during the trip;
Medical insurance with a cover of 20,000 euros



ADDITIONAL EVENTS OPTIONAL, valid for a minimum of 6 people:

Half-day boat trip along the Tigre River and the Parana River Delta – €69;
Dinner with a tango show at the Tango Show House – €130.
Full-day excursion Gaucho Fiesta with lunch included (to Rancho Santa Susana in the Argentine Pampas) – €237;
Makuko safari – 120 €.
Helicopter flight over Iguazu National Park and the waterfalls – €150
Dinner with a samba show in the club restaurant Rio Scenarium – 130 €.
Full day excursion to Buzios with incl. boat trip around the peninsula and incl. lunch – 95 €
Service fee for the local tour guides and drivers – 45 € for the entire stay (paid by Bulgaria with the additional payment);
Supplement for "Travel Assistance" insurance of ZK "Euroins" for persons over 65: BGN 30;


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