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Excursion in Lebanon
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in Lebanon
Sofia - Istanbul - Beirut - Beytedin - Der el Qamar - Baalbek - Anjar - Ksara - Jeita Groto - Byblos - Harisa - Saida - Tyr - Magdush - - Beirut - Istanbul - Sofia

6 days
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1st day Sofia - Istanbul
Meeting at Sofia airport for flight from Sofia to Beirut at 15:25. with a connection in Istanbul. Arrival at Beirut International Airport at 20:35. Welcome by a representative of the partner company. Accommodation in a 4* hotel in Beirut. Overnight stay.

Day 2 Beirut - Beitedin - Der el Qamar
Breakfast. Panoramic tour of Beirut (Raush Rock, Martyrs Square and Mohammad El Amin Mosque in Beirut). The city was built on rocks, in a place inhabited by prehistoric people. Over the years it was overshadowed by its more powerful neighbors, but in the first millennium BC it began to gain more influence. In Roman times it was a colony of the Roman Empire, an important port and cultural center. During the Roman and Byzantine eras, it was notable for its legal school, whose professors helped draft the famous Justinian Code.
The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 551, and a century later it was conquered by Muslim Arabs, and in 1109. from the Crusaders. It remained under their rule until 1291, when it was conquered by the Mamluks. In 1516 400 years of Ottoman rule begins. In the 17th century was the period of prosperity under the reign of Emir Fakhreddin II. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the end of the First World War, the city became the capital of modern Lebanon. Beirut, with nearly 1,000,000 inhabitants, remains the cultural and commercial center of the country. Some of its main attractions are: the statue of the martyrs, the markets and the parliament building.
Departure for Beitedin. Visit to Beitedin Palace - it dates from the beginning of the 19th century. and it is only 43km away. from Beirut. It was built by Emir Behir II, who ruled Lebanon for more than 50 years. With its arches, galleries and rooms decorated by artists from Lebanon, Damascus and Italy, this building is a model of Eastern architecture. Today, the palace houses a museum of weapons, costumes and jewelry, as well as an archaeological museum and a museum of Byzantine mosaics.
Departure for Der el Qamar at 35km. from Beirut. Nowadays it is a typical Lebanese village with a historical center, souk /market/, museum, mosque and churches.
Return to Beirut. Overnight stay.

Day 3 Jeita Grotto - Byblos - Harissa
Breakfast. Our visit begins with the beautiful Phoenician city of Byblos, then continues to the famous Jeita Caves with their fabulous landscapes. A short break for lunch and our tour continues to Harissa (one-way cable car) with a panoramic view of Jounieh Bay.
The Jeita Grotto Caves are among the 14 finalists for the new 7 Wonders of the World. These are some of the most beautiful caves in the world, 20 km away. from Beirut. The lower part of the cave can be visited by boat on the cave lake, 623 m long.
Byblos - Inhabited since the Neolithic, Byblos is among the oldest Phoenician cities. Ruled by Persians, Romans, Crusaders and Ottomans, they left their mark on the city's architecture. Byblos is also where the first linear alphabet was created - the forerunner of all modern alphabets, including Greek and Latin. The oldest known Phoenician inscription was found on the sarcophagus of the biblical ruler Ahiram. There was also a cult of Adonis here - the god personifying the dying and resurrecting nature. The sights are: the fortress castle and the church, as well as the many remains of the city's past - from the Neolithic to the Crusader era, a beautiful mosque and numerous cafes and restaurants. Lunch at a local restaurant.
Harissa - here is the shrine with the large statue of the Virgin Mary of Lebanon and a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Juney. Return to the hotel. Overnight stay.

4th day Baalbek - Anjar - Xara
Breakfast. The tour starts with a visit to Baalbek (the big stone, Temples of Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus), followed by Anjar, lunch and ends with Xara (wine tasting and cave visit).
Visit to Baalbek - here you can see the best preserved remains of Roman temples in these lands. The temples dedicated to Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus date from the 1st-3rd c. and are part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage. In the Temple of Jupiter, 6 of the 54 huge columns that originally surrounded the sanctuary have survived to this day. The temple has an impressive podium and a huge rectangular courtyard where sacrifices were made.
Departure for Anjar, built by the Umayyad caliph al-Walid Ibn Malek at the beginning of the 8th century. Behind the strong fortifications there are remains of streets, 3 palaces, markets, 2 hammams and a mosque. The ruins of the ancient city are an example of architecture from the Umayyad period and are part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Lunch at a local restaurant.
Departure to Xara where you will visit a winery and taste some of the best wines. Return to the hotel. Overnight stay.

5th day Sidon - Tire - Magdush
Breakfast. Our tour begins with a visit to the Sea Castle, Khan El Frange and the Soap Museum in Sidon, then the Necropolis of Tyre. Lunch and on the way back we visit Magdush, where the Holy Virgin Mary waited for Jesus while he preached in Sidon.
Departure for Sidon - the third largest Phoenician city-state. The name Sidon was first mentioned in texts from the 14th centuryBC . 

The city experienced its golden age during the Persian era - the end of the 6th century. – middle of the 4th c. BC Sidon was an open city with cultural influences including Egyptian and Greek. During the Persian period, Aegean sculptors contributed to the nearby temple of Eshmun, the city's god. He is associated with Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. After his rebellion against the Persians and the destruction in 351. BC the city never regained its former glory. During the Crusades between 1110 and 1291 gained prestige as the second of the four baronies of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Today, the ruins of the Crusader Sea Castle and the Castle of Saint Louis can still be seen. From the Ottoman period, the Great Mosque, built on the foundations of Crusader buildings, and the Khan el Fran, built by Fakhreddin II, remain.
Departure for Tyre, a city that existed as early as the 3rd millennium BC. Originally a settlement on the coast with an island city, around the 10th century. BC King Hiram expanded the settlement and built 2 harbors and a temple to Melkarth. Thriving maritime trade, colonies along the Mediterranean and purple dyeing made Tire a very powerful and wealthy city. In the 6th c. BC the inhabitants of Tire successfully resisted Novochodonosor for 13 years, and Alexander the Great besieged it for 7 months and finally captured it by building a road from the coast to the island. In Roman times, a wonderful city was built here. The remains of Roman streets, arches, public buildings, including one of the largest hippodromes of the time, are some of the main attractions of Tyre. In 1984 UNESCO inscribes it as a world heritage site. Lunch at a local restaurant.
Visit to Magdush. According to Christian belief, when Jesus came to Sidon, the Virgin Mary who accompanied him waited for Jesus on the hilltop where Magdush is today. She spent the night in a cave known as Mantara or "Waiting". Emperor Constantine the Great turned the cave into a sanctuary at the request of St. Helen. He also erected a tower in memory of the Virgin Mary, which was destroyed by the great earthquake. Later, King Louis IX erected an observation tower on the same spot. The Mantara cave was accidentally discovered in 1726. from a shepherd. An icon of the Virgin Mary from Byzantine times was also discovered - 7th or 8th century. since then the cave has been converted into a place of worship. 1860 the Greek Catholic Church became its owner in 1880. turns it into a sanctuary. Return to Beirut. Overnight stay.

6th day Beirut - Istanbul - Sofia
Breakfast. Free time. Transfer to the airport for the flight to Sofia at 15:35. with a transfer in Istanbul. Landing in Sofia at 20:25.

Price for Excursion in Lebanon

Date Base Adult in double room Single room
05/01/2023 BB 2455 BGN 2780 BGN
05/23/2023 BB 2455 BGN 2780 BGN
19/09/2023 BB 2455 BGN 2780 BGN
30.10.2023 BB 2455 BGN 2780 BGN

The price includes:
Flight ticket Sofia - Istanbul - Beirut - Istanbul - Sofia with Turkish Airlines with luggage up to 23 kg.;
Airport taxes;
Transfer on arrival and departure with welcome on arrival;
5 nights at J Hotel & Spa 4* or similar in Beirut on a bed and breakfast basis;
4 lunches in a Lebanese restaurant during the tourist program with one soft drink included;
Panoramic tour of Beirut;
Excursion to Beidetin and Deir El Qamar with lunch;
Excursion to Baalbek and Anjar with lunch;
Visit to Ksara Winery;
Visit to Jeita Grotto Cave and excursion to Harissa and Byblos with lunch;
Excursion to Saida, Tire and Magdush with lunch;
All entrance fees for the sites indicated in the program;
Professional guide during the tours in English or Russian /translation by the group leader/;
Agency leader from Bulgaria;
Medical insurance "Assistance when traveling abroad" with a coverage of EUR 10,000;

The price does not include:
Meals not mentioned in the program;
Expenses of a personal nature;
Trip Cancellation Insurance with COVID-19 cover included;
Service for drivers and local tour guides (must be paid on the spot directly to them) - a total of $25 per person for the entire stay;
Supplement for a single room - 325 BGN;
Fuel charges;

The required number of tourists for the excursion is 15 people. If there are fewer people enrolled, the excursion can be held for an additional fee.
Deadline for notification of unselected number of tourists: 20 days before the departure date

Terms of registration and method of payment:
Registration takes place against a prepayment of BGN 700. from the price of the organized trip in BGN;
Up to 45 days before departure: 100% of the full price of the organized trip in BGN;

Necessary documents:
International passport valid for 6 months after the date of return. It is imperative not to have a visa or stamp to enter or exit Israel, otherwise entry into Lebanese territory may be denied.
Travel is without medical requirements for immunizations.

Fees upon termination of the contract by the traveler:
Enrolled tourists may terminate the contract upon payment of the following termination fees:
Up to 90 days before departure - no penalty;
From 89 to 60 days before the departure date - a fee in the amount of BGN 100 per tourist (if this does not contradict the cancellation conditions of the air carrier for purchased plane tickets and the cancellation terms for hotel accommodation);
Cancellation from 59 to 45 days before the departure date - the cancellation fee is 50% of the price of the organized trip in BGN;
Cancellation from 44 to 20 days before the departure date, the cancellation fee is 80% of the price of the organized trip in BGN;
In case of cancellation 19 days before the departure date, the cancellation fee is 100% of the price of the organized trip in BGN.

More information:
The indicated package prices are calculated at the exchange rate of leva against the dollar 1 USD = 1.88 leva. In the event that the exchange rate increases or decreases by 5 percent or more, the tour operator reserves the right to make an adjustment to the total package price.
If the prices of entrance fees for the sites and restaurants change, the same will be changed and recalculated.
In case of adverse weather conditions or other force majeure circumstances, the program may change!
Flight times are subject to reconfirmation by the airline!
The trip is NOT suitable for people with reduced or limited mobility.
The tour operator reserves the right to make changes in the order of excursions and their running times during the program.
The tour operator has the possibility, at the User's request, to offer him the conclusion of "Trip Cancellation" insurance. The insurance is concluded on the day of the first payment of the reservation made for an organized trip.
Insurances "Assistance when traveling abroad" and "Cancellation of a trip" are concluded with ZD "Euroins AD".
The tour operator has taken out compulsory insurance "Tour operator's liability" within the meaning of Article 97 of the Tourism Law, with policy No.: 03700100003627/20.12.2021 of "ZD EUROINS", Sofia, 43 Christopher Columbus Blvd.


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