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Trips to Greece - own transport

Capital of Greece Athens

Official language: Greek

The currency : Euro(€)


Population: 11.306.183 (2010 estimate)

The country is a Presidential Parliamentary Democracy 

Calling code: The international calling code of Greece is +30


Exchange Currencies

Greece is a Member-State of the European Union and uses its uniform currency – the Euro. Greece, as is the case with the other Member-States of the E.U.

Time Zone & Local Holidays

Time Greece: GMT +2

National celebrations and Holidays 

-New Years Day: 1st of January

-Epiphany: 6th of January. Sea water is consecrated in the area of Piraeus. The priests throw the Cross into the sea and young men dive to catch it.

-Ash Monday: 41 days before Easter. It is the day people begin the Lent. On Ash Monday Greeks fly kites, eat meatless food and celebrate Koulouma. Athenians gather on Philopappou Hill.

-Independence Day & Celebration of Evaggelismos: 25th of March. Military parade.

-Easter: From Holy Friday until Easter Monday. On Holy Friday evening every church decorates the Epitaph (Bier of Christ). During the procession of the Epitaph the streets of every city or village in the country are full of people. It is a religious procession where everybody holds lit candles in their hands and sings hymns.

-Night of the Resurrection: It is celebrated in midnight before Easter Sunday with fireworks and candles.

-Easter Sunday: On Easter Sunday Greeks eat barbecue lamb. The celebrations include singing and dancing all day long.

-Labor Day: 1st of May. Flower feasts all around Athens.

-Pentecost: It is celebrated 50 days after Easter.

-Assumption of the Virgin Mary: 15th of August.

-28th of October: National Celebration. Military parade.

-Christmas: 25th-26th of December.

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Trips to Greece

6 days, own transport
Athens - Skiathos - Athens
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