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Plovdiv - всички типопве хотели

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 367,214 people at its current address, as of June 15, 2022.[2] It is located in the western part of the Upper Thracian plain, on both banks of the Maritsa River. It is located 15 km north of the Rhodopes and 50 km south of Stara Planina. The city is built at the foot of six syenite hills, which is why it is often called "The City Under the Hills". Plovdiv is the administrative center of Plovdiv District, Plovdiv Municipality, Maritsa Municipality, Rodopi Municipality and is the largest economic core of the South Central Region.

Plovdiv is a city over 8,000 years old, whose past can be traced from prehistory to the present day. The first Neolithic settlements within the boundaries of today's city began in the 6th millennium BC, and since the Stone-Copper Age (IV-III millennium BC) life in the city has not been interrupted, which ranks it among the most ancient permanently inhabited cities in the world.[5][6][7][8] Ancient monuments such as the ancient theater, the Roman odeon, the agora (Roman forum), the Roman stadium, the late antique Eirene building, the bishop's basilica, the small basilica and others have been preserved and conserved.

The city is the most dynamically developing center in Southern Bulgaria. Its economy is based on the well-developed multi-profile industry, services, tourism and information technology.

Many cultural events are also held in Plovdiv: the international fair, the international theater festival "Scene at the Crossroads", "Trap Fest", "Night of Plovdiv", the music forum Sounds of The Ages, the international folklore festival "Plovdiv", etc.

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